Grammar » 4 » Simple Verb Endings

Verb roots in Inuktut describe actions or states of being. The verb ending tells us who is performing the action.

I see.


In the above word, taku- describes the action of seeing and the verb ending –vunga describes who is seeing.
By using different verb endings we can talk about different people doing the same action:

nigivunga I am eating.
nigivutit You are eating.
nigivuk / nigijuk  He / she is eating.
nigivuguk The two of us are eating.
nigivugut We (3+) are eating.
nigivutik The two of you are eating.
nigivusi You (3+) are eating.
nigivok / nigijok  The two of them are eating.
nigivut / nigijut They (3+) are eating.