Grammar » 10 » To Want

To express the idea of wanting to do something, Nunatsiavummiutitut speakers insert the affix -guma- between the verb root, which describes the action, and the verb ending:

kâfittuk- verb root meaning, 'to drink coffee'
kâfittugumaven? Do you want to drink coffee?
kâfittugumavunga I want to drink coffee.
kâfittugumangilanga I don’t want to drink coffee.
tetugumaven? Do you want to drink tea?
tetugumavunga I’d like some tea.
tetugumangilanga I do not want tea.

Remember to drop the affix -tu- when talking about drinking water:

imigumaven? Would you like water?
imigumavunga I’d like some water.
imigumangilanga I don’t want water.