Grammar » 15 » The Affix -talik

The affix -taKak- is added to noun roots to express the English idea of ’something has... in it.’ This affix behaves in a similar way to -Kak- :
kâfitaKakKâ ? Is there coffee in it?
Â, kâfitalik Yes, there is coffee in it.
Auka, kâfitaKangituk. No, there is no coffee in it.

Note that -taKak- can be added directly to a root ending in a consonant with no change in sound:

alakkasaijat + taKak + Kâ  =  
alakkasaijattaKakKâ ? Does it have any paper in it?
Â, alakkasaijattalik Yes, there is paper in it.
Auka, alakkasaijattaKangituk. No, there is no paper in it.