Grammar » 16 » The Dual


In Inuktut, we use different endings to distinguish between the singular (one of something), the dual (two of something) and the plural (3+ of something):

illuk one house
illok (two) houses
illuit (3+) houses
You can often recognize the dual form of a noun becuase the last vowel sound in the word is a long vowel: 
titigutik / allautik (one) pen
titigutek / allautek two pens
fonnik one phone
fonnek two phones
Kagitaujak computer
Kagitaujâk two computers

If the last vowel sound in a word is a double vowel or a vowel combination, it is not always easy to distinguish the singular from the dual. In this case, you have to rely on the context of the conversation:

ukkuak one door
ukkuak two doors
sâk one table
sâk two tables