Grammar » 24 » Names of Communities

In the tables below are examples of what the Inuttitut names of communities look like with affixes and endings added to them.  

We will work with the following affixes and endings:

-mi (noun ending) in...
-me- (verb affix) to be in...
-mut (noun ending) to...
-mo- (verb afix) to go to...
-liak- / -liat- (verb affix) to go to...
-mit (noun ending) from...


Nunainguk Nain
Nunaingummi in Nain
Nunaingummejok He/she/it is in Nain.
Nunainguliattuk He/she is going to Nain.


Apvitok Hopedale
Apvitommut to Hopedale
Apvitommovunga I am going to Hopedale.
ApvitoliakKunga I am going to Hopedale.


Maggovik Makkovik
Maggovimmit from Makkovik
Maggovimmit pivugut We (3+) are coming from Makkovik.
MaggoviliakKugut We (3+) are going to Makkovik.


KipukKak (law of double consonants applies) Postville
KipukKami in Postville
KipukKamejut They are in Postville.
KipukKaliattut They are going to Postville.


kikkiak (law of double consonants applies) Rigolet
kikkiamut  to Rigolet
kikkiamovunga I am coming from
kikkialiakKunga I am going to Rigolet