Grammar » 8 » Past Tense


-kKau- is an affix that is used to describe actions that have happened earlier in the day.

sukKauven? What did you do earlier today?
nigikKauvunga I ate earlier.
uKâlakKaujuk She called earlier today.

-kKau- ishortens to -Kau.when it follows a double consonant.

aulla + Kau + juk =  
aullaKaujuk He/she departed earlier today.
angigga + Kau + vunga =  
angiggaKauvunga  I went home earlier today.

-lauk- is an affix used to describe actions that have happened yesterday or father in the past.

ippasak sulaukKen? What did you do yesterday?
tuttusiugialaukKunga I went caribou hunting.

The -k in -lauk- changes to a -t before the verb ending -tuk :

ippasak aullalauttuk She departed yesterday.
TakKiulauttumi Kikalauttuk Last month she went on holidays.