Grammar » 45 » Asking for something to be done

There are a few ways to ask someone to do something

1. The Affix -gajak-

This common affix is used to express the idea of something being possible. In English this would be the equiavent of saying would or could do something:

âkKik- to fix something
âkKigajattuk it could be fixed
pijagek- to finish something
pijagegajattuk akuniungituk It could be finished in no time
sana- to make something
sanagajattanga? Could he make it?
katiKatigi- to  meet with someone
katiKatigigajakKama? Could you meet with me?

2. The Affix -Ku

-Ku- is an affix used to express the idea of wanting, asking or telling someone else to do something.  It is folllowed by a transitive verb ending.

KaikKuvângâ ? Does he want me to come?
fonniKujân? Do you want him to call?
anikKujanga He asked / told her to go out.
itikKugok Tell him to come it.