Grammar » 11 » To Eat or Drink Something

 The affix -tuq- is used after noun roots to indicate something one eats, drinks, wears or uses somehow:

tetuvugut We (3+) are drinking tea.

-tu- changes the final -k of noun roots to t

puijivinik seal meat
puijivinittujuk He/she is eating seal meat.
umiak boat
umiaittujok The two of them are using the boat.
kamik sealskin boot
kamittujuk He/she puts on sealskin boots.

If the sound before the -k is a double vowel, -tu- just deletes the final -k sound : 

panitsiak bannock
panitsiatujunga I am eating bannock.

The root imik on its own means “water” or it can become a verb root, followed by a verb ending, to mean “to drink”.  If you want to ask someone if they would like some water, do not use the affix –tu- with the root imik.  The correct way to ask the question is:

imigumaven?  Do you want to drink (some water)?
imigumavunga I want to drink some water.