Grammar » 20 » The Affix -vik

-vik is an affix that is added to a verb to indicate a time or place where an action takes place:

nigi- to eat
nigipvik dining room

This affix is irregular when it is added to roots. In many instances, it changes a -k that comes before it to -p:

anik- to go out
anipvik exit; way out
sinik- to sleep
sinipvik bedroom
pulâk- to visit
pulâpvik living room


Some speakers, though, will change the -k sound to a -g sound; others may use an -ff sound:

anigvik aniffik
sinigvik siniffik
pulâgvik pulâffik


Another example:

tikik- to arrive
tikipvik / tikigvik / tikiffvik 
place of arrival;
arrival hall (airport)