Grammar » -lik- / -lit- (affix)

The affix -lik- is added to verbs to emphasize that an action is happening right now or is just about to happen. It can also mark a change that has occurred, again, emphasizing the current state of something:

angiggalikKunga I am on my way home.
anilikKuguk We (2) are going out now.
sinisilikKutit You are falling asleep.
quviasulikKusi You (3+) are happy now (something has changed to make you happy).
Una ajulittuk. This isn’t working now.

Remember that, when making simple statements, -lik- is often followed by verb endings that begin with a k- sound.

The exception is in the third person (he/she/they) where -lik- changes to -lit- and is followed by a verb ending starting with t- :

aullalikKutit You are departing now.
aullalittuk She is departing now.
aullalikKugut We (3+) are returning now; we are on our way back.
aullalittut They (3+) are returning now; they are on their way back.