Grammar » 36 » Birthdays

Some notes on birthdays. 

inolipvisiujuk She has a birthday (that very day).
nalliutiniaqtuq maimi. She has his/her birthday in May.

Remember to add the affix -Katta- when talking about when one's birthday is because it is an event that happens regularly ever year:

Kanga inolipvisiuKattaven? When do you have your birthday?
Dezemberami inolipvisiuKattavunga. My birthday is in December.


Remember that when making a simple statement in the third person (he / she / it), –suuq can appear, on its own, at the end of the word.

Sitipirimi nalliutisuuq.
His/her birthday is in September.

Let’s say we want to ask someone how old they are: 

Katsit? How many?
Katsi + Kak + lik + Ken? =  
KatsiKalikKen? How old are you (literally, how many are you?)

In answering, we do like in French and talk about how many years we “have”: 

30-nik + jâri + Kak + lik + Kunga =  
30-nik jâriKalikKunga I am 30 (literally, I have 30 years.)

Finally, if you are wondering how to send someone best wishes on their special day:

Inolipsvisiutsiagit! Happy Birthday!