Grammar » 3 » Where are you from?

The affix -miuk- means, someone who comes from the place described by the root of the word:

Nunaingumiuk   someone from Nain
KipukKamiuk   someone from Postville
kikiammiuk   someone from Rigolet
Apvitommiuk   someone from Hopedale
Maggovimmiuk   someone from Makkovik

As we see in the above examples, -miuk can appear at the end of a word. But we can also build onto it to talk about different people. We do this by adding the verb -ngu- to the the end of -miuk- and follow it with a verb ending:

kikiammiunguvunga  I am from Rigolet.
Maggovimmiunguvunga I am from Makkovik.

We can easily change the verb ending to talk about different people:

kikiammiunguvuguk  We (2) are from Rigolet.
Maggovimmiunguvusi You (3+) are from Makkovik.


We can also add -miuk- to the question root nani- (meaning where?) to create a question:

nani + miuk + ngu + ven? = nanimiunguven?
  Where are you from?